What is a Business Marker?

Business markers are the cornerstone of Herdmap. When a business chooses to sign up with Herdmap they are taken to a short registration field to enter in the business specifics. Once signed up, a business can create their own permanent marker on Herdmap that displays when they are open. From this marker business are able to list all their info to potential customers on Herdmap including their website, social media, navigation through GPS, and phone number. Businesses are also able to upload photos, and news containing whatever they want to show all in a real-time feed. The best part of Herdmap however is the ability to release real-time coupons all up to the business. Whether you want to release a coupon for a minute, or a year Herdmap gives the business that ability in a unique package. Once a user redeems a coupon, they have a 5 minute timer set to get their randomly generated unique barcode to a cashier or reedemer! The best part is the business chooses every detail of the coupons. To top it all off a business marker allows users to subscribe to the business, meaning any time the business releases something on Herdmap, all the subscribers get a push notification (while the business gets a list of user emails)! Talk about power at your fingertips!