3 Reasons your business's social media marketing fails

3 Reasons your business’s social media marketing fails

Author: Ryan Talbert

Social media can be a wonderful way to advertise and increase your sales for almost any business…if you do it right! However, mastering social media can have a steep learning curve making your hard-earned money fall short in its goal of attracting more customers. Here are the top 3 reasons your social media marketing for your business fails:

1.      Distractions: Your business is the best in the city. You have a great product, a great staff, and you’re ready to sell! One problem: you need some customers. If you’re like any normal business owner, you start looking for cheap and effective ways to advertise. Undoubtedly you realize through your searching that social media is extremely cost effective, so you make a Facebook/Twitter account. You fill in all your info, and come up with the best post to get you started. You enter your credit card info and boost your post, thinking this will have customers lining up and you wait. And wait. And wait…WHAT HAPPENED? Sure, you got 3 new likes but they didn’t actually come to you to buy, what gives? Their best friend baking a cake is what gives. Let me repeat: your post of your unknown business was skipped over because above you the user’s best friend posted a picture of the cake she was baking. Cake:1 You:0. Unless you’re advertising campaign is the best of the best it truly is hard to compete with all the distractions that take away from your posts. Just to give you an example of the volume of distractions you’re facing on social media Zephoria (a digital marketing statistics company) found that every 60 seconds on Facebook there are over 136,000 photos posted, 293,000 statuses updated, and 510,000 comments added. WOW! Talk about competition. The average user with 500+ friends or followers doesn’t interact with your marketing simply because it never manages to see your marketing! If only there was a social media platform out there where the business came first and wasn’t drowned out by distractions…(continue reading)

2.      Social media doesn’t = social: Just because your ad was top notch doesn’t mean you’re going to get someone out of their house or off their phone to enjoy what you’re offering. Per a study conducted by CNBC of 150,000 app users, 87% reported that they missed out on a social interaction due to their phones. Meaning technology is literally diverting away from human interaction, and moving towards isolation at incredible numbers. This spells bad news for your brick and mortar store as more and more people are turning towards services and items purchased through the internet rather than having to walk into a store and have a face-to-face human interaction. At this point you’re probably thinking “yes, I know people are addicted to their phones, that’s why I advertise on them.” But I have news for you! You may have created awareness of your business to a potential buyer, but good luck getting them through your doors. Most social media is missing that key ingredient to get legs moving straight for your doors, which brings us to the next point…

3.      No call to action: A huge reason why you can’t convert likes and comments into visits or purchases with your social media marketing is because your posts don’t create a fire to encourage people to get out of the house! Posting your grand opening or trivia night on Twitter to drum up some business is great and all but it comes down to the question why? Why would I leave my house to go do this? I don’t know who you are or what you sell. I surely don’t want to waste my time if it turns out I don’t like what you offer either. So, you better have a darn good reason to get me out, and let’s face it – 90% of social media doesn’t contain it. THERE IS NO CALL TO ACTION THAT MAKES ME WANT TO GET OFF MY COMPUTER OR PHONE TO COME YOUR BUSINESS. There has got to be a better way…

And there is! Enter Herdmap! After reading this article, Herdmap is the answer to all your business’s social media marketing woes. Herdmap allows businesses to combat distractions found on other social media sites and apps because businesses were thought of first, not last. Herdmap lets businesses advertise directly to users near them in a fun and unique way, that stops distractions and drives real sales. Using real-time coupons designed to disappear after a certain amount of time, Herdmap creates a fire under the user that gets them out of the house, and into the business right now. It truly puts the social back into social media. The best part is Herdmap users can learn all about your business, and subscribe to get notifications from your business anytime you want straight to their phone. No distractions and no fighting for attention period.

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posted 4 years ago